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Rise of the Mustangs!

homecoming band_edited

Amber Casperson, News Editor
October 16, 2014

Despite the chilly morning air, SMSU students and the community of Marshall lined the streets of downtown Marshall on Oct. 11 at 11:00am for the Homecoming Parade. Fifteen minutes before the parade started, joyous, upbeat music played in the streets to get the spectators in the mood. Young children impatiently... Read more »

University Gala: A Year to Celebrate


Angie Stucker and Olivia Garrett, Staff Writer
October 1, 2014

  For 13 years in a row, Doug and JoAnne Fraunfelder have attended the University Gala. The Gala, a premiere scholarship fundraising event, will take place October 10 on the SMSU campus. The Fraunfelders have been residents of Marshall for 22 years. During that time their careers have been tied... Read more »

No Campus for Old Birds


Darby Kilkelly, Staff Writer
October 1, 2014

  There I was, sitting by the window in class listening to my professor talk about applied psychology when suddenly…BAM. A bird hits the window. After class I went out to check on the little guy, and found him sitting on the ground dazed. When I approached him he tried to fly away, but was... Read more »

Mortified: Bring the Shame


Kevin Heimermann, Variety Editor
September 17, 2014

Do you write? If so, when did you start? When you started, what do you think of that first piece, whether it was a poem, a story, a fan-fiction, or a play? Horrible? Now think of yourself reading that in front of an audience, laughing with the crowd as you read what your nine-year-old self thought of... Read more »

Campus Gone Batty

Dan Bat

Amber Casperson, News Editor
September 17, 2014

Visitors to our Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) campus comment on how beautiful it is. However, students have begun to notice they’ve been sharing space with flying rodents. We have bats. “I was terrified!” said Dan Kilkelly. A bat had appeared in the Spur office the Monday of layout... Read more »