Comedian Visits SMSU


Ross Pyka

Logan argued with an audience member on whether cheering is a sport.

Hannah Kiges, Staff Writer

Funny man Jared Logan graced SMSU March 20th with his award winning talents. Logan, who has been featured on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham,” on TBS, and also on, made the meager audience laugh until their sides hurt. Logan has also won “Best Comedian” at the Chicago Comedy Awards, and won the Comedy Idol competition in Detroit.

The West Virginia native was able to hit notes for all types of people, his country roots allowed him to joke effectively about country ideals. Though his big city attitude may have alienated some of the audience, his ability to pull them back in and interact with not only individuals but also with the whole group made the show a riot.

Be warned Logan’s show was not for the faint of heart of virgin ears, there were curses and graphic imagery abound. After an audience member “ew’d” one of his jokes, he made a commitment to say something more and more disgusting every time someone said “ew,” and it resulted in shockingly funny results. Another choice moment was when Logan started a full blown argument between attendee’s about whether “south dakota boys were better,” after an audience member gave her opinion on what makes a man good.
“College shows are awesome,” said the University of Memphis alumni. “Different schools give different results.” His work with the college-aged based humor site, aptly named makes this comic true to his word.
This self-professed nerd has come a long way but still connects with his fan base, telling his fans to “hit him up on twitter,” and promises responses. If his live show is any sort of representation of his commitment to his fans, he might as well take them out to dinner and a movie for how well he interacts with them.  He represents himself and has the audacious attitude to go wherever he pleases.
You can find him on twitter at @jaredlogan or his website (complete with funny doodles)