He Ruined my Childhood: College Comedian Adam Grabowski Visits SMSU

Daniel O'Brien, A&E Editor

On Nov. 7, jokester Adam Grabowski descended upon his student audience. Not only did he gut check everyone with laughs, but he also ruined everyone’s childhood memories.
The Chicago native has been named highest rated comedian by Campus Activities Magazine and he has performed at over 150 colleges. He is currently touring campuses across the United States.
Grabowski started the night with his graphs. These ranged from pie charts to line graphs and they poked fun at a variety of college related topics. For example, one graph compared how many World of Warcraft accounts to how many girlfriends a person has. Basically, as Grabowski said, “you have to have either one or the other.”
Then he started the audience participation section. This is when the willing audience allowed him to ruin their childhood.
Grabowski had people shout out various Disney movie titles and he proceeded to tear those films apart. For instance, from Ariel’s song “Part of Your World,” he made her “collection” of “whozits and whatzits galore” into a long sexual innuendo. On the same line, he gave new meaning to a “magic carpet ride.”
His raunchy comedy predominated a good deal of the night and he finished with his own version of the baseball sex analogy. Again, audience members shouted out various baseball terms and he amused them with his definitions.
On his website, Grabowski said, “I pride myself on not being sexist, racist, stereotypical, or offensive. My job as a comedian is to get you to look at your world in a different, more hilarious way.” While he did take a few pokes at rednecks, he did so indirectly and in a manner that was tasteful.
You can find his website at adamcomedy.com and follow him on Facebook or Twitter. You can also watch segments of Adam Grabowski’s comic routine on Youtube.