Mickey Mouse is your New Master: George Lucas sells Lucasfilm to Disney


Samantha O'Brien, Special to the Spur

Daniel O'Brien, A&E Editor

It is time for true Star Warsians everywhere to don their cosplay Jedi robes, grab their Force FX lightsabers, and rebel against an evil empire: Disney.
The decision by Star Wars creator, George Lucas, to sell Lucasfilm to Disney for more than $4 billion shocked everyone. My opinion is that Disney should have never got its hands on Star Wars at all. However, since I do not have a time machine, my worry is how the franchising addict (Disney) is going to treat (or abuse) the galaxy far, far away.
Considering that Episode VII is planned for 2015, my concern is that the Star Wars movie franchise will be drawn out forever as Disney is doing to Marvel. This talk about doing the movies Avengers style gives my fear some grounds. The story started in the 70s, continued with the prequels, and still lives in the many expanded universe novels and comic books. We all thought the movies were over.
Of course, there is the chance that I might jump on the bandwagon when the new films come out. But, that will only happen if they are done well. If they are set in the acclaimed “Heir to the Empire” novels, or spins-off with the “X-Wing” novel series, I’m all for it. However, if Disney develops a brand new storyline or makes flashy films with shallow plots, then it is time for rebellion.
Even though Disney is now at the helm, Lucas is not free of all the blame. Famous for not bowing to other corporations and maintaining tight control over his work, Lucas has, once again, contradicted himself.
Regarding Star Wars, he said,  “I always said I wasn’t going to do any more and that’s true, because I’m not going to do any more, but that doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to turn it over to Kathy to do more.”
He is referring to Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm’s co-chairman turned Disney flunky.
@DepressedDarth tweeted, “Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, there is no way I am wearing Mickey Mouse ears.”
Darth, knowing how Disney has already created Darth Goofy, you will most likely end up with mouse ears.
May the Force be with us in these dark times.