From Foxes to Hobbits: A Night of Literature Legends


Ross Pyka

Dr. John Ginocchio conducts the Concert Band for their Fall performance.

Kim Watkins, News Editor

Those classic stories of old line the shelves of bookstores, come alive in cinematic theatres and end up visiting the stage of Southwest Minnesota State University.
Characters of Myths, Legends & Literature was the theme for the annual Fall Concert Band performance, which was held in the Fine Arts theatre on Nov. 15.
Dr. John Ginocchio, conductor, introduced the band to audience members and started off the concert with a playful piece called Kitsune: The Fox Spirits by Brian Balmages. The piece depicted the mythology of fox spirits, including two Japanese foxes, Yako and Zenko.
What followed were two darker pieces, Baron Piquant on Pointe and The Headless Horseman, composed by Donald Grantham and Timothy Broege, respectively. Grantham’s brings to the stage a theme of voodoo and magic, while Broege’s brings to life the popular story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
A much more lively tone was brought back to the theatre as Ginocchio asked, “How many of you have seen or heard of the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings?”
A good majority raised their hands, which led to a short explanation of the novels and Johann De Meij’s five movement symphony. The band continued on, playing the fifth movement, “The Hobbits.”
The next piece, composed by Rob Grice, is based off of a poem by Lewis Carroll, called Dance of the Jabberwocky. This was followed by a much more somber piece, based off of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, Annabel Lee, composed by Douglas Wagner.
The audience was sent back to their childhood with the Mother Goose Suite, composed by Maurice Ravel. Several parts were included in the piece, including Tom Thumb, Beauty and the Beast, the Fairy Garden and much more.
The band ended their program with an epic piece by composer Dana Wilson, Odysseus and the Sirens. It is based off the powerful story written by Homer, called The Odyssey.
Band members included Leanna Ginocchio, Crystal Joos, Nancy Long and Kimberly Lynner on flute; Jeanette Bosveld and Connie Knott on oboe; Deb Anderson, Ross Anderson, Paulette Hanson, Turi Jystad and Sharon Kabes on clarinet; Danielle Sprunk on bass clarinet; Amy Nelson on alto saxophone; Jessica Dibbern on tenor saxophone; Lon Wright on baritone saxophone; Rachel Frerich, Vaughn Gehle, Margaret Greig, Brian Jones, Susan Jones, Zack Kilian and Kim Watkins on trumpet; Carolyn Bayerkohler and Alex Munsterman on french horn; Samuel Fitzer, Maxx Louwagie and Brigitte Munsterman on trombones; Terry Louwagie on tuba; Meghan Carmody and Justin Condelli on percussion; and Katie Carter on piano.
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