Signe Stuart Art on Display in William Whipple Gallery


Kim Watkins

"Snowmelt, 2010" by Signe Stuart

Kim Watkins, News Editor

Signe Stuart’s “Paintings, Texts and Scroll” in the William Whipple Gallery replicated the feeling of being in a library filled with ancient scrolls. The exhibit is ideal for anyone who appreciates the subtle art of punctured texts.

A variety of artwork from the talented artist is currently on display in Southwest Minnesota State University’s own art gallery.

The gallery is located near the library, in BA 291 and the artwork is on display through Feb. 21.

Stuart uses a variety of mediums for his art, but uses acrylic and silica for the majority of his pieces. His “Text” pieces are what gives one the feeling of old-time novels or scrolls. In “Text, 1992”, there is a slight touch of white puncture marks signifying text against a black background. It is the same for his other “Text” pieces, though with a slight change of colors in each one – such as white against red, gold against black and some with touches of yellow and orange.

His “Golden Text” pieces have more of a metallic look to them. Stuart uses acrylic and graphite on sewn paper as a collage for these pieces. Some other pieces show Stuart’s use of Plexiglas, such as in his piece, “Context 2, 1993” and “Plow, 1993”. The latter piece has a blend of mellow greens and yellows with a light, yet vibrant Plexiglas in the middle, the end result looking like a plowed field.

His most defined piece, “Snowmelt, 2010”, is an 11” by ca.15’ acrylic on unryu paper with collage that is displayed with a variety of colors. With circles of blue against white, red with black elements, splatters of yellow, cloudlike yellow, white and gray elements, the piece is the immediate eye catcher of the gallery.


The hours of the gallery are:

Mondays-Thursdays:       8 a.m.-11 p.m.

Fridays: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Saturdays: Closed

Sundays: 2 a.m.-11 p.m.