Upcoming Play: Leaving Iowa


Kim Watkins, News Editor

Posters for Leaving Iowa can be seen around campus.

Kim Watkins, News Editor

The Southwest Minnesota State University theatre group will be performing “Leaving Iowa”, a play about a man’s journey through the Midwest.

This play tells the story of Don,  fulfilling his dad’s final wish to have his ashes spread at his childhood home.

Don’s encounters with diverse characters brings him on a trip down memory lane as he remembers trips with his mom, dad and sis.

The cast includes Tony Falk playing Dan; Alex Castro playing Dad; Haley Jacobsen playing Mom; Sonya Karels playing Sis; Turi Jystad playing Woman; and Alex Pikala playing Man.

Performances will be held Feb. 21-23 and Mar. 1-2 at 7:30 p.m.; Mar. 3 at 2 p.m.; and dinner theatre dates are Feb. 22 and Mar. 2.

To purchase tickets, visit www.SMSUTickets.com or call 507-537-7103.