Perceptions Debuts With Poetry, Fiction Reading

Amber Casperson, A&E Editor

At noon on April 25, people gathered into the Whipple Gallery for a special treat. Writers, whose work was accepted into this years Perceptions, got to stand up at a podium and read their pieces.

Ryan Albertson read his three accepted pieces. “Ice Breaker” and “The Secret” were poems and “We Don’t Even Live Here” was his winning short story. His short story piece was about the trials an illegal immigrant and his family go through when attempting to find employment.

Amber Carlson stood before the small crowd to recite her accepted poetry. The poems included “Crusing Backroads”, “Fallen”, and her winning piece “Glory.” Glory was about the rush of a first kill during deer hunting season.

Daniel Kilkelly and Samantha Lemmerman approached the podium and read their accepted short stories. Daniel’s story entitled “Dine and Dash” was about a nice guy trying his best to stay out of the friendzone with his date. Samantha’s “How to get Hair Extentions” explains how to play the game and get a man to pay for your stuff.

Each read piece was a delight to listen to. I hope to see better work for next year’s Perceptions.