Artwork of Linda McCune


Kim Watkins, Editor-In-Chief

The William Whipple Gallery is well-known for displaying a wide variety of artwork. From detailed charcoal drawings to pops of vibrant color in canvas paintings to 3D-canvased creations, the Whipple Gallery always impresses with new featured works on display every month.

This month, featured artist Linda McCune’s artwork doesn’t dissapoint with detailed drawings and sculpture plans. Whipple titles the exhibit “Linda McCune: Drawings on Hot Pressed Paper.”

The artist shares a number of her pieces in this exhibit, from detailed black and white drawings to sculpture ideas.

“The museum asked for exclusively drawings, but I also produce sculptures and in the show there are studies and plan drawings for the ones that are included,” McCune said.

McCune is currently the academic program director for the Visual and Performing Arts department at Greenville Technical College in S.C.

McCune’s works are on display through Dec. 4.

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