Day of the Doctor

Kim Watkins, Editor-In-Chief

In the much anticipated 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, fans eagerly awaited the newest episode in the British hit and what they saw didn’t disappoint.

The new episode began with companion Clara Oswald [Jenna Coleman] meeting up with the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Their reunion is cut short when the TARDIS is unexpectedly lifted to Trafalgar Square.

When arriving, they run into Kate Stewart. She shares instructions from Queen Elizabeth I declaring the Doctor as curator of the Undergallery in the National Gallery. The Doctor and Clara are then shown a 3-D painting [stasis cube] with a picture of Gallifrey, titled either No More or Gallifrey Falls. The Doctor and Clara continue the investigation, noting that other stasis cubes seem to have been broken from inside.

This brings the story to the War Doctor (who the Eight Doctor regenerated into), who has decided to detonate a weapon that would destroy both the Daleks and the Time Lords. Before doing so, he is confronted by the Interface in the form of Rose Tyler, who makes him face his potential choice by opening up a link in time with both the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors, in 2013 and mid-1500’s, respectively.The Tenth [David Tennant] is shown to be courting the Queen, with the belief that she is a Zygon. Throughout this chaos, both the Eleventh and the War Doctor travel in the fissure of time to where Ten is, where plenty of hilarious moments ensue. We won’t get into the sonic screwdriver showdown.

Eventually becoming imprisoned in the Tower of London, the War Doctor finally understands the Interface when he sees what it would mean for him if he chooses to destroy his race.

Clara finds out that the Zygons were using the cubes as a means gain access to UNIT’s weapons. She cleverly tricks them and travels back to the time of the three doctors.

Now aware that Stewart plans to destroy London to stop the Zygons, travel through the Gallifrey stasis cube and stop the detonation. As they discuss peace, the War Doctor leaves, finally convinced that it is best to destroy the Daleks in the Time War, even at the cost of his own race. Both Ten and Eleven show up to help him, but are reminded of the choice they made of being “the Doctor” by Clara.

The Doctors decide to place Gallifrey in a stasis cube and hide it, making it seem like both races were destroyed. Convincing the other Time Lords, all past incarnations, as well as one future, come together to lock Gallifrey in stasis.

At episode’s end, both the War Doctor and Ten depart (knowing full well that they won’t remember that they saved Gallifrey),with John Hurt regenerating, presumably into Christopher Eccleston, the Ninth Doctor.

The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, is shown to be the curator of the Gallery and shares that the name of the stasis cube is actually Gallifrey Falls No More, revealing that his planet is actually safe.
The Eleventh recalls a dream where him and his past incarnations look upon Gallifrey and makes a promise to find and rescue his home.