Telling Women’s Stories

Kim Watkins, Editor-In-Chief

Continuing the celebrations of Women’s History Month, Southwest Minnesota State University recognized three women who received the top three spots in the sixth annual “Telling Women’s Stories” competition.

Student winners included Madeline Robertson, Zachairley Eisden and Samantha Lemmerman.

Robertson, creative writing major, received first place for her story “Scouring.”

“I was just washing dishes one day. Something came and punched my brain,” Robertson said of what influed her to write the story.

Eisden, second place winner, said her piece, “The King’s Court”, was a twist on the story of Ester in the Bible.

“I wanted to bring a more feminist perspective into it,” Eisden said.

Lemmerman, third place winner, shared that her piece, “In the Arena”, was influenced by her experience with riding a horse.

The “Telling Women’s Stories” competition started in 2008.