Video game review: For Honor

The video game “For Honor” has been out long enough that many gamers have been able to understand everything the game has to offer. However, with Ubisoft as the publisher, many gamers are pushed away from even trying the title.

Those who avoid every game made by Ubisoft could unfortunately miss out on the opportunity to master their choice of Knight, Viking, or Samurai in “For Honor.” They would also fortunately miss out on being dishonorably killed by the worst of players.

“For Honor” is a role-playing game that is infected with a horrible tutorial, chronic server and design issues, and many situations that allow “one-shots,” where a player is killed in a single hit. This game was made in such a way that characters focus on doing certain things, but the balance between each character’s methods is considerably lacking.

This does not mean “For Honor” is a terrible game, but it does mean that cheap kills are much too easy to exploit, as certain characters are more apt to execute cheap kills while other characters can hardly avoid being killed.

“For Honor” has a very robust combat system, interesting move-sets, an impressive storyline, and a very humbling learning curve. It isn’t refined to suit everyone, but still rewards skilled players and provides different tactics for every character and player.

The biggest problem new players face when starting the game is finding a suitable character to play.

If jumping right into online play is more your style, it would be wise to look at the characters’ move-sets in the character menu. The storyline will explain very important mechanics and ideas, so starting there might be best.

The game is not even close to a perfect game, but if you come to terms with the problems and overcome them, the game will be much more fun. Testing out multiple characters and choosing one to stick with is a good idea, as juggling play-styles would be confusing.

“For Honor” is a game that shows immense promise, but certain development decisions leave the balance between skill-levels hard to discern. The biggest problem with the game is best explained by the game’s community’s mantra: There is no honor in “For Honor.”