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A Woman Trapped in a Woman’s Body


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Comedian Alison Grillo came to SMSU on Apr. 13 for a show sponsored by the GLBTA organization and the Feminist Club. She gave commentary on everything between her struggles with depression to her experience with gender issues.

“I always liked to make people laugh,” Grillo said. “I was also an only child and wanted attention.”

Grillo started her transition from male to female in her 40s. The way she used her act to speak openly and bluntly about her experiences as a transgender woman was refreshing and eye-opening.

“I used to work as a waitress,” Grillo said. “Before that I was a waiter.”

With comedy, Grillo tests the standards of gender and the status quo of keeping transgender people hushed.

“Life sometimes is about putting together the clues,” Grillo said. “A common misconception is that it’s hard, but for me it was relatively easy to transition and express non-heteronormativity.”

For Grillo, being transgender is a challenge of performance.

“If I work hard, people will forget that I was born the other gender,” Grillo said. “I like putting that ‘F’ on my driver’s license.”

Grillo ended her show with encouragement for college students.

“I hope we can all become activists, and not worry about our own little roles,” Grillo said. “Confront both bullies and the people who love you. Seek out community, there’s always someone like you.”

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A Woman Trapped in a Woman’s Body