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“Happy Death Day” kills expectations


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“Happy Death Day” begins with Tree Gelbman waking up in a dorm which belongs to a guy named Carter. She’s instantly disgusted that she spent the night in a dorm, and quickly returns to her petty sorority sisters.

In that short span of time, you can see that Tree is a self-centered girl who is not well-liked by many people on campus.

This made me worry that I had just spent money to watch a movie that I already knew the ending for; Tree would be killed by a guy or girl that she had repeatedly screwed over, and eventually she would figure it out, find a boy, and carry on in a happy life.

Thankfully, it ended up not being a waste of money, and I was not quite correct on the plot.

The movie also included twists after twists. I thought the killer was somebody that was not the person I had thought in the previous scene. You do not find out who the actual killer is until the very end of the movie.

Which, the very end itself is a huge twist. Without giving too much away, make sure if you go and see this movie, that you stay until the credits. Some people left when I saw it, and missed the last five minutes of the actual end.

Tree also has a change of heart throughout the movie, as she realizes that there is a long list of people that might have enough motive to kill her. She tries to make a change in her life, and I personally liked that that was included. She does end up with a guy and a happy life at the end, but that is expected.

“Happy Death Day” made me laugh (which is easy though), kept me on my toes, and gave me a thrill without making me afraid to sleep at night.

   4 out of 5 Spurs.

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“Happy Death Day” kills expectations