The Punchline 2


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And she was up! At barely 5 in the morning. Birds still sleeping, mild air flow and temperature in the air. It was cool for a mid-summer day. Perfect for activity. Get some things done, the normal routine. And so, it occurred to her that a run would do it. it was something typical of her. Always active, always attractive. She got out of bed and got ready for her run. She retrieved her phone from her side waist pajama pants as she got to the bathroom to freshen up. She unlocked it and went to her music file. She played Bruno Mars on her stereo. She got dressed in a fit outfit, drank some water and switched her music from stereo mode to earbuds mode, still listening to Bruno Mars.
She stretched her muscles. Pumped up, ready to go. She’s still young, she figured she can stretch while running. And there she goes. She took off, on the road not the sidewalk, so she could feel the space and gulps of fresh air in the receiving end from mother earth. Stretching her arms muscles, she felt grateful. She started off at a light speed, increasing the velocity little by little. She decided she would take the route to the park and back. It would equal to 5 miles all together, give or take. Barely two blocks down from her apartment her phone rang. A few minutes from there it rang again. She put her phone volume on vibrator mode and placed it back on her waist line. It vibrated once. It vibrated twice. She turned the volume of the music up a notch. She started running harder, faster. Pony tail swinging, whipping from side to side.
As she got close to the park she slowed down, pace by pace. Continuingly taking out her phone to see what the whole commotion was about. She noticed she had two missed call from her boyfriend. 10 text messages, 17 snapchat chat vids, and pics, and 99 Facebook notifications. She finally slowed down to a walk pace, sighed in frustration and unlocked her phone and started going through everything one at a time. As she got to the park she instinctively turned left on one of the side trails that would guide her all the way around and start a second run from this point, back to the apartment. Little did she know that her steps were wrongfully too calculating. She could never be too careful. She was looking at her phone when it happened. How could she know? Why would it happen to her? She went to school, worked a part time job. She paid her bills, and filed the heavenly taxes for more than a couple of years on her own now? Why her? No way!
While looking at her phone, as she stepped to the side, she stepped on dogshit.
On a 10 to 1 ratio, women are more likely to get and give more attention on and from their phone than men do.
Hey lady, careful where you’re walking!

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