April 2018 free games lineup


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The new month brings in new games for both Playstation Plus and Xbox Gold members, and we have got some doozies. This month for PS Plus members we have Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo. For Xbox Live Gold members we have The Witness, Assassins Creed: Syndicate, Cars 2 and the classic Dead Space 2.

Mad Max, based on the 2015 movie, recieved high praise from both Ign and Steam. The single player game is a gigantic off-road, action-packed adventure with a great soundtrack and storyline. Trackmania Turbo, released in 2016, is a fun racing game with outlandish tracks and great multiplayer replay value.

The Witness, released in 2016, is a first player puzzle game with beautiful scenery and challenging play through. Assassins Creed Syndicate, released in 2015, is another third-person story from the series which takes place in Victorian-era London. The Cars 2 game is another racing game that many adults wouldn’t find the thrill of playing, but it is a fun game for families and younger children. However, Dead Space 2 is a third-person adult horror game that brings the jump back in jump-scares—a treat for any horror fan.

This is April 2018’s line up, and until next time, keep gaming.

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