“Alpha” the little wolf that could


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I had no idea what Alpha was about going into it. My friend was the one that wanted to see it, I had never even heard of it. Because of that, I had a clean slate – no expectations, no ideas of what was going to happen or should happen.

This was a nice change from how I usually go into movies – already trying to figure out what the twist could be. But for Alpha, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The beginning of the movie pulls you in and kind of forces you to be engrossed.

A young boy of the Ice Age’s Cro-Magnon tribe, Keda, is going on his first buffalo hunt with his father and the other men that have been selected. Their trap to get the buffalo works for the most part, but a situation happens, and the tribe is forced to leave Keda behind, assuming that he is dead.

We know that Keda can’t really be dead, or else the movie would be done in the first fifteen minutes. What takes place after that is the struggle that Keda has to go through to get back home to his tribe and the unlikely allegiance he makes with a wolf that was abandoned by the rest of its pack.

The relationship that Keda begins to have with this wolf, which he names Alpha, is a major part that kept my interest peaked during the movie. With each day, you can see how the two start to trust each other more, and how their desire to get back to their respective families is

what keeps them together. Keda and Alpha’s relationship also results in character development in Keda.

Alpha was not a movie on my radar to see. But, once the credits rolled, I was glad that it was on my friend’s, because of how good of a movie it was. The allegiance between Keda and

Alpha, the character development, the relationship that Keda has with his family, and the ending all make Alpha a movie that you need to see. I give it 5 out of 5 Spurs.

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