Pray that you never have to see The Nun

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I had the unfortunate opportunity to go see The Nun recently. It’s a horror movie directed

by Corin Hardy, who is not known for much other than some video shorts. It seems as if the

latest movie in The Conjuring series was Hardy’s first A-list film.

The Nun takes place in 1952, where a priest and a nun, who has yet to take her vows, head

to an old castle deep in Romania to investigate a nun’s apparent suicide. The whole movie utilizes terrible storytelling, out of place one-liners, and weak jump scares. Nowhere in the movie is there any tension building, something a good horror movie needs. Slapping together a bunch of random jump scares may scare the audience, but what it lacks is real fear. The constant tension that builds up throughout the movie is missing.

Another underlying problem that’s there from the beginning is the weird comedic parts. It was supposed to be a horror movie, but throughout the whole film, it’s trying to be

funny. It doesn’t fit well. Like my point earlier, there’s no tension building. Especially when

there’s a romantic comedy subplot involved with the Romanian guide constantly flirting with the young, future nun. It’s almost like this movie tried to do it all. It’s a horror, romance, comedy, and action film. The final scene in The Nun is a battle, as you might say against the demon that possesses the body of a nun. Now, the rest of this paragraph will be a huge spoiler so if you are worried about the movie being somehow ruined for you, I’d skip to the next section. The ending of the movie has our protagonists trapping the demon back into the ground using Jesus’s blood.

Yes, they use Jesus’s blood to defeat the demon.

I’ve got to say this is by far one of the worst A-list movies I’ve seen in my lifetime and I

wouldn’t waste my money on it if I were you. I understand I’m a bit more critical about movies

since I’m more than just a casual movie-goer, so people just looking for some jump scares and a

reason to get some movie theater popcorn, by all means go see it. But it’s not something I’d go

see again, even if it was free.


1 out of 5 Spurs.