Last minute Valentine’s Day gift

I am so not a fan of Valentines Day, but I know that most of you are. Most of you also usually struggle with getting a Valentines Day Gift, so I’ve decided to bestow my creative ideas upon you.

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
These have been all over social media – check your someone’s likes/retweets. They are delicious and not that expensive – you could even make them yourself for that extra show of care. Plus, these are my favorite, so they were the first thing I thought of.

2. Flowers, Duh
This one is obvious, but it still needed to be said. You could easily pair this with anything else on the list. It doesn’t even need to be a dozen roses, just flowers in general are appreciated. Appreciated anytime, any day too.

3. Manicure or Pedicure
This one can be a bit more expensive, but with Spring Break coming up your someone might be wanting to get their nails done for it. Or, they could just want the foot massage and all the nice stuff that comes with it.

4. Chapstick – benefits you
You need one for the car, backpack, bedside, purse (or whatever you/your partner carry), etc. Never can have too much. Plus, soft lips. That’s all that I really need to say here.

5. Your Sweatshirt/Clothing Item that smells like you
Even if it’s brand new but you just wear it a couple times to make it smell like you, they’re probably going to like it. Or, give them your cologne/perfume so they can make it always smell like you.

6. Time – no cellphones involved
I think this is more of a gift than we think it is. Most people shut their phone of for the first date, or first few, but if you’ve been together awhile, that might not happen anymore. Schedule a completely phone-less, no technology date. Maybe make it a monthly thing.

7. Beard oil/Brush
I’ve heard that people with facial hair enjoy these. I guess it’s like putting product in your hair on the top of your head, so it makes sense.
Give it a try?

8. UE Bluetooth Speaker
If your partner doesn’t have a Bluetooth speaker, or just doesn’t have a good one, this is a great option. I have this brand and they have great volume, are water-proof, and the battery lasts forever. Maybe make a dinner and have them open their gift, then use it to play some ~nice~ music?

9. Personalized tie clip money click, cufflinks
This one might be a little more difficult last minute and could be a little pricier. But every time they look at it, they would think of you. If you don’t have the time or money for this now, keep it on the backburner for Christmas/Birthday.

10. Leather Texting Gloves
In case you didn’t notice we’ve been in a polar vortex lately. Leather gloves are nice and warm and last long and look nice. Add in the part where you can text with them and you’ve got the best gift
for a Minnesotan.

Hopefully one of these ideas fits for your partner or gives you an idea on what to get them. Good luck, be safe, enjoy your Valentine’s Day.