Battlefield V review

The historical setting for this game is World War II and it offers an experience like its predecessor, Battlefield 1, that game took place during World War I. Essentially, the developers literally recycled everything from Battlefield 1 and put it in maps that would resemble a World War II battlefield.

While the style and HUD look similar to in both games, Battlefield V did add some new features to the game play itself. For instance, while the medic class can heal and revive any player on one’s team, any player can revive a fellow squad member, which can be very helpful if you are part of a squad that actually works as a team and not just runs all over the map separated from each other.

While the best way to play the game, in my opinion, is playing online with others with the number of game modes it offers. There are also main story campaigns which offer a personal unique story to play through. Like the previous game, the stories are of an individual experiencing the horrors of war and dealing with the deaths of their comrades. I’ll admit that I have not played through all of the stories since I don’t find them as fun as online, nor do I find the stories interesting. For what I have played, it would seem similar, again, to that of Battlefield 1.

As a history major, there is one thing that bothers me about the game, and it’s the lack of Nazis. Now, this complaint is not coming from the idea that I want there to be more Nazis in general, I’m just bothered that a game claims it’s historical, it doesn’t have one of the most known universally recognized adversaries in the war it’s trying to depict.

In fact, there are really one to two teams to choose from when playing, either the Allies or the Axis, which are solely represented by British and German troops. The symbolism used by the game is also inaccurate; in one of the main story campaigns, the player is part of the Battle of Berlin and the banners and flags displayed throughout the city are of the German Empire, pre-World War 2.

From all the research I have come across, I have never seen a photo of Berlin displaying the German Empire flag while under Nazi control. Though this is a small detail in a sea of great work the developers did, it just comes off as a blemish on historical accuracy.

4 out of 5 Spurs.