Nine: A gloomy and bleak album


Photo by Pao Edu on Unsplash

The new blink-182 album Nine was released on Sep. 20, 2019. It’s a great album for those who seek the nostalgia of the band’s early work. As for the progression as a band, this album isn’t the best.  When listening to Nine I find the same old same old punk band that I’ve enjoyed listening to. Nine is an album to cry to in the shower, not to dance around the house to.

The first song on the album, “The First Time”, talks about how nothing beats the first time you do something. The song seems to be uplifting, as if it is telling people to go out and try something new for the first time.

“Happy Days” makes life seem like it sucks now. When listening to this song, don’t forget how bad life sucks now. Go out there and chase happier days.

“Heaven” sounds just like “Happy Days.” They both have a slow build up to an anticlimactic chorus. Don’t expect to feel too good listening to this song.

Finally, we have a song about a girl. “Darkside” is a decent attempt of a love song. This song could give some hopeless romantics a glimmer of light.

I’ll give “Blame It on My Youth” some credit to relating to a 90’s generation that has grown up. Like a lot of people today, we tend to blame everything on our past.

“Generational Divide” is just a terrible interlude that doesn’t belong in this album.

Another heartbreak song is “Runaway” where the song mainly focuses on the idea of forgetting the past.

Yet another heartbreak song is “Black Rain.” This song gives off a vibe of, “what’s wrong with me?” Another song that someone probably won’t dance to.

If you are missing that special someone you just can’t get over, then “I Really Wish I Hated You” is a good song. There a little raw emotion that makes anyone that listens get into their feels.

“Pin in the Grenade” seems to be a song about not coming to terms of that special someone not loving you back. It’s a great song for you creeps out there that can’t take a hint.

Another heartbreaker of a song is “No Heart to Speak of.” Seriously, if you catch yourself listening to this album on repeat, get help. Whoever you’re crying over isn’t worth it.

“Ransom” is another one of those songs that just didn’t need to be made. It was a waste of time and great guitar riffs.

“On Some Emo Shit” is basically what someone would expect. The way the album has been going, be ready to be sad. I’ve never heard so many sad songs in a row.

My personal favorite from this album is “Hungover You.” For all the sad songs in Nine, this is probably the most unique. “Hungover You” is probably the least dramatic song on this album.

Finally, we can wrap up this very disappointing album with “Remember to Forget Me.” It’s probably the most depressing song on the album. It has a little heartbreak and self-hatred. That’s the classic combo for a punk song.

This album was made for the broken hearted. Honestly, if I ever seen someone listening to any song on this album, I’ll ask them if they’re alright. Listen to Nine by blink-182 at your own risk. Don’t expect to feel any bit happy when listening to it.