Svaha Apparel: Empowering children to embrace their Passions

Sophisticated, simple, and chic, Svaha apparel specializes in unique clothing for young girls with the option to wear fun STEM-themed shirts, shirts with female competitors, firemen, researchers, and other inspirational figures on them. This apparel encourages boys to wear colors and designs that they like as well.

Svaha Clothing apparel came about when Jaya Lyer mother to 3-year-old Svaha wanted to find ways to encourage her daughter’s dream of becoming an astronaut. It dawned on Jayla that there was no market that catered to kids who liked things that weren’t “gender traditional”.

With the help of two other women, apparel professionals Mansi Batra and Eva Everette, and the Kickstarter campaign that raised over $30k, Svaha apparel came to life.

As Svaha grew and became popular, Jaya started getting many requests from women who wanted Svaha to design clothes for adults. Once again, a Kickstarter campaign made it happen by helping Svaha raise over $57k.

Jaya wanted to let women know that there is no field of study reserved for a particular gender. Now they have clothes for babies, kids, and adults (along with accessories and jewelry) that cover STEAM. STEAM represents STEM plus the arts – humanities, language arts, dance, drama, music, visual arts, design, and new media.