Downton Abbey: A walk-through History


Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

For those who enjoy history, fashion or humor, Downton Abbey is an amazing viewing experience! Julian Fellowes captivates his audience by bringing together many great elements for an awesome movie. Fellowes also directed the six series show of the same name.
Downton Abbey is set in the 1920s in England. This film focuses on Robert, the owner of the estate called Downton Abbey, Robert’s wife Cora, and Lady Mary and Lady Edith, daughters of Robert and Cora. However, the movie doesn’t just follow a bunch of rich people around. The movie also follows the maids, butlers, and kitchen staff.
The mansion at Downton Abbey is humming with the news that the king and queen of England are coming for a visit. These guests are of great importance, so the house must prepare! This is no easy task, and the show captivates the excitement and stress with humor and ease. Fellowes laid the script out in a manner that is easy to follow so that the audience may sit back and enjoy.
Many people have asked whether or not one needs to see the show before watching the movie. I am happy to report that the writers laid it out perfectly to invite newcomers. For both the fans from series one and the newbies who watched the movie in theaters, Downton Abbey is a movie for all to enjoy!