Haunted Tower- a Spooky Success

The city of Marshall and SMSU students were busy providing Halloween entertainment for adults and children alike on the weekend before Halloween. A new addition to the traditional festivities was The Haunted Tower, a partnership between the city of Marshall and SMSU organizations. 

The Haunted Tower on Erie Road ran from Friday until Sunday, consisting of five floors that got scarier as the groups of people climbed the cement staircase.

The first floor housed a trio of meddlesome witches meant for entertaining small children who had come to see the craze. The second floor was deemed the best floor in the tower. The fan-favorite held spirits who simply would not go to the other side. Billy the crying kid was also a fan favorite of the floor. 

The third floor left those who entered running for their shotguns or giggling with delight. Zombies were afoot in an abandoned hospital room. Josi Schmidt, an actor for the third floor, commented after the first night. “If we couldn’t scare them we tried to make them laugh,” she said.

The fourth floor gave participants dance lessons by dolls who had come to life and wanted to play. The fifth and final floor housed three not-so-funny clowns, one of which was carrying a large, bloody ax. What exactly was he doing with that ax? Many did not care to find out. 

The two nights of terror saw 1,100 people. When asked which floor he was most excited for at the Haunted Tower, Matt Hinze answered, “Clowns,” and his daughter responded, “Dolls.” Many were brave enough to make it through all five floors, but some found themselves too scare to venture to the top. “I thought there were good things with every floor,” Elizabeth Ripple said after touring the tower. “I thought the hospital floor was the best decorated and put together. The second and fifth floor was the scariest because of the atmosphere created by the actors. The second floor was more suspenseful, and the fifth floor was creepier than the others.” When asked if she would attend an event like this one next year, she said yes. 

Gale Kruse thought that the most exciting part of the haunted tower was that it made the night in Marshall more dynamic. “It’s nice to have something like this in Marshall,” Kruse said.

VisitMarshall, the Drama Club, STAT, and SAC worked tirelessly on creating an event that was fun for all ages. Each floor had a suggested age range, but many young kids braved the higher level floors. Many of those who attended the Haunted Tower hope for it’s return next year. There have been rumors of a Haunted Trail, but that could just be the ghosts talking.