Last Christmas: A movie review


Photo by Jeffrey Wegrzyn on Unsplash

Last Christmas is a movie centering around the life of Kate, an immigrant from Yugoslavia living in London, England. Kate, played by Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, is an aspiring singer who spends her time working as an elf in a year-round Christmas store. While working to make ends meet, couch surfing between friends’ flats, and auditioning for musical roles, Kate meets quirky and kind Tom Webster, played by Crazy Rich Asian’s star Henry Golding.

Before meeting Tom Webster, Kate was very ill. After her sickness got better, Kate turned from a happy girl who loved her life, to a girl who made selfish decisions and simply didn’t care for anyone else. After discovering that Tom is a volunteer at a homeless shelter, Kate spends evenings that she would have previously spent at bars raising money for the shelter. With the help of Tom’s guidance, Kate starts to make amends with friends and family members that she had wronged in the past due to her selfish ways.

Although Last Christmas is a sweet, heartwarming Christmas movie, it was not exactly what I expected. Before watching, I expected a happy, Hallmark-like movie. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as perfect and romantic as most of the picks shown on 25 Days of Christmas. If you’re looking for a romantic holiday movie, this may not be the one to watch. The themes of Last Christmas focus on looking beyond yourself, especially during this upcoming holiday season. Overall, it was a funny and modern love story that had a slight and unexpected twist. Some viewers may not be thrilled by the predictable ending, especially since there are very few hints leading up to the twist. However, that was my personal favorite aspect of Last Christmas.

As Tom Webster says, “Don’t forget to look up!”

5 out of 5 Spurs

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