Stream or skip: Revenge of the Dreamers III


Photo by Pao Edu on Unsplash

Compilation albums can sometimes feel an excuse to give everyone on the label a time to shine while delivering a bland project. One might have assumed the same of the Dreamville compilation called Revenge of the Dreamers III. However, one of the teaser tracks was intriguing and hinted that this project might outshine previous comparable compilation albums.

“Down Bad” shows just what listeners are getting with the posse cuts on this album. Everyone coming with some fiery flows and clever wordplay. This is where Dreamville members show what they’re all about. There is also a bit of a left field feature, Young Nudy.

Like any album, there are some snoozers. Despite the track being here to promote hip hop duo EarthGang’s album, the song “Swivel” is one of the most boring cuts. However, the most boring cut has to go to the J Cole and Young Nudy’s “Sunset”. “Sunset” has a bland beat and monotonous delivery from both Cole and Nudy. It feels like Cole is emulating Young Nudy without the weird vocal inflections from him. This is easily the most skippable track.

There are also a few smooth, buttery R&B cuts. While they aren’t horrible, they are just okay. The song “Sleep Deprived” had promise, but DaVionne is sounds like she just got done running a marathon and jumped in the booth without catching her breath.

Aside from that, this album has highlights as soon as it starts. “Under the Sun” features a good mix of hip hop and soul on the beat, with killer verses and flows from J-Cole, Lute, and DaBaby.

“Got Me” is one of the few great R&B tracks on this album. Ty Dolla $ing and Ari Lennox sound passionate and smooth on the hook, especially with Ty’s very smoky and raspy delivery. Omen and Drizzy also come in with some great verses about individuals in their love life. The whole track has a great vibe.

Despite being an interlude, “Wells Fargo” is the most entertaining two minutes on the whole album. Every single artist goes absolutely crazy and the concept of them describing how they will rob a Wells Fargo is super entertaining.

The best song has to go to “Sacrifices”. It is easily the most lyrical track on the album with the artists touching on sacrifices they made to get to where they are. The big highlights are Saba, who has great wordplay here, and J Cole. This track goes into his personal life with his wife and leads to a great bookend for the album.

While Revenge of the Dreamers III is a bit bloated, there were more hits than misses and it does do what it set out to do. It gives a good idea about the artists of the Dreamville label while still being a decent project.

3/5 Spurs