Go Twice to Disney’s Frozen II


Photo Source: Pexels.com

When the first Frozen movie premiered, people my age weren’t super old, but some had likely outgrown their Disney phase. Even as a freshman in high school, though, I absolutely loved Frozen, and have watched it more times than I can count. I have always been a pretty devoted Disney fan, so I thought the six year wait for Frozen II was well worth it.

The movie stars sisters Elsa and Anna, queen and princess of the Kingdom of Arendelle. The viewer got to know a little bit more about their parents and the mysterious history of their kingdom in a fresh and unexpected way. The movie answered some questions that I didn’t even know I had.

Frozen II incorporates more humor than the first movie does, but it definitely includes all of the other emotions as well. During the hour and forty-five minutes of run-time, all of the feels were felt– happiness, sadness, humor, and love. Even though some aspects of the movie were predictable, there were other scenes that took me by surprise and blew me away.

All of the original main characters were brought back for excellent musical ballads and some dramatic scenes, which proved to be just as amazing as those seen in Frozen. Magical snowman Olaf felt especially relatable, like during his song “When I am Older.” The new movie incorporates the same feel-good quality of sisterhood while bringing in new life lessons.

I would 12/10 recommend seeing Disney’s Frozen II  if you even remotely enjoyed the first movie. I liked it so much, I have gone twice within a one week period.