No Tests, No Grades…Sign me up

Kim Watkins, News Editor

When one heads to college, one expects the usual ritual – registering for courses, buying books, attending classes, taking tests, writing papers and, hopefully, getting good grades. So if the opportunity comes along to attend classes with no tests and no grades to worry about, who wouldn’t take it?
That opportunity, now available to adults of every age, has started with the kickoff for Senior College, held Wednesday, Sept. 5 with a welcome from President Ronald Wood and presentations by Betty Roers, director of Senior College and Beverly Wilson, a freelance motivator, both held in Charter Hall.
Classes begin on Sept. 17 and continue through Oct. 25 for the fall semester of Senior College. People who have registered could choose one to four study groups during the six-week program for a fee of $100.
“It’s individuals coming together and socializing…making new friends and rekindling old friendships. It’s also an opportunity to explore new interests…Senior College is very important…it’s a way to stimulate the brain. There are no tests or grades…it’s for the joy of learning,” Roers said.
The courses for this semester include
Senior Health Concerns: Firm Facts and Fickle Fiction
At the Movies (studying films of Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock)
Collecting & Refurbishing Cars
Computer Mix
Minnesota Writers
MGM Musicals
Britain to Britain
Current Events
American Revolution
2012 Election
Watercolor – Beginners and Experienced
Presidents’ Decisions
“We always do a survey and ask what participants would enjoy learning. We have classes on various topics…there’s always something on history, computers, literature, exercise and health…try to meet everyone’s interests,” Roers said.
According to Roers, people who attend Senior College come as far as 60 miles to participate in these courses and a lot of people are very enthused to help and volunteer. A study group of five members meet and look for instructors, who can be anybody from community members to Southwest Minnesota State University professors.
Senior College is held twice a year; one starting in Sept., the other in mid-February. For more information on Senior College, visit the website at