SMSU Presidential Search Update

Kim Watkins, News Editor

With a visit from Chancellor Steven Rosenstone earlier this month and several interviews prepared in the foreseeable weeks, the Southwest Minnesota State University presidential search is well underway.

For those who don’t know, SMSU is currently in the process of finding a new president for the university. This process has been ongoing since the retirement of David Danahar, who retired in June 2011. Ronald A. Wood, SMSU’s interim president, has stepped in for the last two years during this time of transition.

There have been several meetings with students, faculty and staff members this year as a way of finding what is desired in the new president. Following the visit of Dr. Betty Asher from Greenwood/Asher & Associates, Chancellor Rosenstone was on hand for a visit as well.

“He simply asked students for input on what they would like to see out of the next president at SMSU. Among things students mentioned [they would like to see are] previous experience with is student affairs, academic knowledge, facilities knowledge, work well with different communities,” Kyle Berndt, student association president, said.

This visit was an opportunity for members of SMSU to voice their opinions and give Chancellor Rosenstone an idea of what is wanted at this university.

“Chancellor Rosenstone was very open to students and listened very attentively. He mentioned to us ways that we can help out in this search, namely, how to ask questions and how to get these thoughts to the committee. He seemed very excited about moving forward,” Berndt said.

Chancellor Rosenstone will take this information into consideration when choosing candidates for future interviews. Most recently, the search committee selected candidates who will be present during the preliminary interviews. After these interviews, the chancellor will talk with the committee and choose who will proceed to the on-campus interviews.

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