From SIFE to Enactus: School Club Changes Name

Kim Watkins, News Editor

As many people know, the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) organization recently changed their name to Enactus. The big question is, why?
“The main reason why the organization’s name changed from SIFE to Enactus is because Enactus is more universally understood. Enactus stands for entrepreneurs, action, us,” Ben Tiensvold, the Southwest Minnesota State University Enactus student president, said.
According to the Enactus website, the group is an international, non-profit organization that brings together student, academic, and business leaders who use “entrepreneurial action to create a more sustainable world.”
The name change and logo fits the meaning and message of the organization and is better understood around the world. With 39 countries and 1,600 universities involved in this organization, this change was necessary.
The new name and logo were revealed at the World Cup Competition in Washington, D.C. in September. 2,000 people were in attendance, with an additional 18,000 viewing online.
“The name change also occurred so that the organization could expand to countries that have limits on their ‘free enterprise’ or on their business ventures,” Tiensvold said.
The organization works to help students become leaders in the world and helps create community projects around the globe.
This name change has helped the organization move forward in its efforts and will help to reach more people around the world with its more universal name.
For more information, visit the Enactus website at