Dance Team Boogies with Youngsters

Kim Watkins, News Editor

The Southwest Minnesota State University dance team can be seen shaking their stuff at numerous events, usually performing during half-time shows or at special events.

For the Feb. 16 basketball games, however, there will be a new spin on the show. Kids from the community will join in and rock the half-time slot with their own dance, with the help of SMSU’s own dance team.

The team will be hosting an Elementary Dance Camp on Feb. 15 and 16. Students in grades K-4 will have the opportunity to learn from the dance team and be able to perform for a crowd at Saturday’s game.

“The elementary dance camp is something we have been doing for a while to raise money for our club. We host two camps a year.The inspiration behind this program is to involve the community and to involve young girls,” Michelle Field, dance team co-captain, said.

According to Field, on the first day of camp, the girls will meet one another and play games. They will then stretch and learn the routine for their performance, which will be reviewed on Saturday before the game. The girls will practice more on the second day and then perform during the half-time slot.

All members of the SMSU dance team will help in this two-day camp. They include Michelle Field and Tina Sturgeon (dance team captains), Danielle Dietz, Alexis Fontana, Katey Sullivan, Shyranda Hornick, Stephanie Jazwinski, Rachel Nelson, Josephine Jobgen, Anna Fox, Anna Winter, and Gabe Dufour.

“I would like to thank Erin Eichten, for making everything possible.” Field said.