Rosati Ready for Action


Kim Watkins, News Editor

Ronald Rosati knows the importance of keeping cirriculums current.

Kim Watkins, News Editor

In the final stretch of the presidential search for Southwest Minnesota State University, presidential candidates Ronald Rosati and Connie Gores were invited to participate in a day of interviews, where they would be given an opportunity to make their case to members of the college and the community.

The first of these candidates, Rosati, was on campus Wednesday, Jan. 30. Interviews were held throughout the day, giving Rosati the chance to speak with students, faculty, staff members and other members of the community.

His main purpose was to share his background and how it helps prepare him for this position, what he likes about SMSU and what he would like to accomplish if chosen for the position.

Rosati is currently the provost of Southeast Missouri State University, where he has held the position since 2010. His previous experiences include working with the New York Alfred State College, Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Illinois State University, Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute and Iowa State University. He holds an associate’s degree in Agronomy, a bachelor’s/master’s degree in Agricultural Education and a doctorate in Agricultural Education.

“This university…fits well with [my] background. I have experience with regional, public comprehensive universities. I like the climate, the culture, rural ideas, the people and the region…I appreciate the area,” Rosati said.

Rosati showed interest in the area and the people and expressed that this was an “institution ready to take off.”

He is impressed by the recent programs that have been incorporated at SMSU. He expressed the importance of the development of programs and student engagement.

He kept a focus on enrollment, budget, curriculum and technology as the main challenge that the college would face.

“We have to know how to manage information in a new environment…keeping up with technology and keeping [the] curriculum current,” Rosati said.

If chosen, Rosati stated that his first job would be to sit down and listen to the community members and SMSU students, staff, and faculty.

Some other issues addressed included international enrollment, relationships with the community and SMSU, student engagement, tenure, and graduating in a timely manner.

When asked about new ideas that he would bring to the University, Rosati shared ideas that have worked in his previous experiences at other institutions. One included a winter term, which would help students gain more credits so as to graduate on time and would help the University generate more income. Another idea included offering courses collaboratively through different institutions (online).

Rosati spent the day touring the campus, visiting with the President’s Cabinet, the press, employees, faculty, students, MSUAASF, Foundation members, alumni and MARL. A community reception was held following the interviews.

“I applaud SMSU…based on integrity, transparency and a strongly shared governance. The facilities are great, attitude on campus is great, the faculty are upbeat and supportive… [and] serve [the] institution well. The future looks good,” Rosati said.