Student Clubs Host Gender Day

Kim Watkins, News Editor

Want a more in-depth conversation about gender and the stereotypes that come along with both the male and female sex? Well, you can look no further than here at Southwest Minnesota State University, where several clubs and organizations on campus will host Gender Day.

If you’ve seen the posters around campus with the popular slogan “Viewer Discretion Advised”, the talk of many students around campus, this is  one of the events in the making.

For the first time ever, students and other members of the university will sit down to discuss gender stereotypes   with various games, a performance and other activities. The event will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 27 in the upper level of the Student Center (SC) from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Following the event will be an improv performance by the SMSU Drama Club.

Clubs involved in this event include the Drama Club, Women on the Move, Justice Club, Sociology Club and other students on campus. This event is sponsored by Residence Life.

According to Hanna Jacobsen of Residence Life, some activities will include guessing the names of tools, painting nails, scrapbooking and more. Prizes will be given away at the event, with donations from various organizations on campus.

Gender stereotyping is a serious topic that is sure to be shed in a positive and fun light at this event.

“Once people are aware that people of varying sexual orientations and gender identities exist in this area and at-large, I think that the overall rate of tolerance will rise in time. Of course this awareness in addition to educating them on the many aspects of alternative sexual orientations and gender identities will produce a more tolerant atmosphere, just awareness alone won’t,” Derick Schultz, president of GLBTA club, said.