Highlights from SMSU’s Crime Report

Katie Stromme, Editor-in-Chief

Every fiscal year, Southwest Minnesota State University is required to take stock of all major crimes (including sexual assault, aggravated assault, and alcohol arrests) and major and minor incidents (such as alcohol and drug confiscations, and indecent exposure).

The report was released by Director of Public Safety Michael Munford on March 11. It covers incidents that occurred between July 2011 and June 2012.

According to the report, there were 14 incidences of liquor law violations that were referred for disciplinary action, three incidences of drug law violations referred for disciplinary action, and two accounts of forcible sexual offenses in the campus residences.

Additionally, there were 13 instances of vandalism reported–all but one of which caused damage to state property—and ten instances of harassment—one of which involved alcohol.

Issues with alcohol on campus are nothing new, and are typically dealt with swiftly and fairly.

SMSU is fortunate to have the services of a New Horizons Crisis Center representative on campus to help deal with sexual violence.

Releasing the report is also required by the Department of Education, which compiles the statistics.