2013 Spring Semester Extended One Extra Week

Katie Stromme, Editor-in-Chief

Citing numerous days of cancelled classes and late starts, the scheduling office at Southwest Minnesota State University announced Tuesday that the 2013 spring semester will be extended by one week.

In order to account for this change, 2013 commencement activities will now be taking place on Saturday, May 19. Finals have been moved to the week of May 13-16. The decision was approved by MNSCU as of Monday evening.

Although administration has announced that problems caused by the shift are really “not that big of a deal at all” and that students should just “get over it,” there has been palpable discontent campus-wide since the release of the announcement. “I don’t understand why everyone’s so upset,” said one administrator. “We’re just giving everyone a little more school—we thought they’d be happy. Isn’t that why everyone is here anyways?”

“This is so ridiculous,” said one senior, upon hearing the announcement. “I was all set to walk on the eleventh and then get the heck out of this town. And now I’m going to have to reschedule my big keg party. Talk about a hassle.”

Faculty members from various departments have been vocal about their lack of enthusiasm for the decision as well. “An extra week? Are you ****ing kidding me?” Asked one tenured English Professor. “It’s like a bad dream. I plan on bringing in my three-year-old daughter and just letting her teach that week.”

One sophomore, however, felt differently about the decision. “It’s not like I go to class anyways,” said the business major. “As far as I’m concerned this is just an extension of my vacation. Once the school year ends I’ll be back flipping burgers; that’s the real work.”


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