Advising Day Dance Party

Andrea Gladney, Staff Writer

It’s all fun and games until advising day turns into a Beyonce video in the hallway with several students and professors. Or perhaps that’s when the fun began.

As we all know, advising day for all Southwest Minnesota State University students took place on Wednesday, March 27. What many of you don’t know is that for some students, it was also a full-fledged dance extravaganza. In an area on campus that shall remain nameless, with people who shall remain anonymous, more fun than one could possibly imagine took place.

Special invites were sent out to certain students from a small group of professors over spring break, welcoming them to participate in an alternative form of advising. All of those invited proceeded to meet up at the secluded location, in which they spent 20 to 30 minutes picking out their classes for the fall. Afterward, they were rewarded with music, food, and unlimited entertainment.

“We wanted to celebrate our students and how far they’ve come in their college careers,” said one professor. “A lot of stress comes along with planning the next year while still trying to get through the current one, so it’s great knowing that we helped relieve some of that stress for a brief amount of time,” she continued.

The secret event wasn’t limited to just SMSU students and staff either. There were multiple surprise guests: Justin Bieber was there. He had a dance battle with a lamp…the lamp won. Adam Levine  was also there, and apparently ate all the chips. According to some, Rihanna was there as well with now rumored boyfriend Spongebob Squarepants.

“She kept dancing around shouting ‘Oh Na Na, what’s my name?’” said one student. “I’m not sure who Na Na is but I don’t think she ever got her answer,” he continued.

SMSU staff and students danced the night away. At one point, everyone stood under Rihanna’s umbrella and participated in a synchronized Harlem shake. It was a really big umbrella.

There were lights, streamers, celebrities, cartoon characters, dance battles, giveaways, significantly large umbrellas, but more importantly, little to no school work. What more could students ask for? For all of those who weren’t invited, don’t worry, it probably wasn’t that great anyway.


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