Global Studies: Civil Society In-Depth

Kim Watkins, Editor-In-Chief

To understand one’s self in the present, one must look to the past to find it. Such is one of the main themes of travel and is one that will be discussed in the new Global Studies course/trip, “Civil Rights and Civil Society.”

The students of Southwest Minnesota State University will have the opportunity to learn more about where democracy started and what it means in our society today.

“Greece is recognized [for being the place] democracy first emerged in human culture. We’ll be looking [at how] the concept of civil society has evolved and changed to include more people,” Herder said.

During the course, students will learn more about the civil rights movement and look at works from Greek philosophers. They will also create travel journals and give presentations in the course.
Following the course will be a trip from May 14-25.

Students will travel to Greece and Philadelphia to learn more about how democracy started and how it has changed.

“Traveling internationally is a life-changing experience,” Richard Herder, assistant professor of speech, said.

Locations that will be visited include the Greek sites of Athens, Mykonos, Patmos, Rhodes, Iraklion, Santorini and Argolos. Kusadasi, Turkey will also be visited. Upon returning to the states, students will make a stop in Philadelphia, where they will visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the African American History Museum.

If interested in signing up for the course, look under GLBL 399 in the registrar. If there are any questions about the course/trip, contact information can be found at