12th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference showcases SMSU’s best


The 12th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference was held on Nov. 29, 2017. The conference started at 8:30 a.m. with a welcome address from SMSU President Connie Gores. After President Gores’ address, 2012 SMSU alumnus Wokil Bam gave a keynote address. Bam graduated from SMSU with a B.S. in chemistry and environmental science. In his keynote address, Bam talked about the importance of undergraduate research and his own research experience.
The conference consisted of oral presentations and poster presentations from 22 different programs. Over 200 students presented at the research conference with 35 faculty advisors helping guide the students’ projects.
The McFarland Library presents a $100 award to one oral presentation and one poster presentation. The library award requires the submission of an abstract, bibliography and reflection. The library hopes the participants reflect on their research when submitting their application.
Sarah Cheadle won the library award for poster presentation. Her presentation was entitled, “The SMSU Writing Center: Then and Now”. Cheadle is currently majoring in English with a minor in theater. Mckenzie Besel won the library award for her oral presentation. Besel’s presentation was entitled, “Animal densities of a wetland and a field habitat based on road kill”.
Environmental science professor Emily Deaver founded and runs the Undergraduate Research Conference. Deaver said this year’s research conference went very well. A large crowd turned out to watch the presentations. Two groups of College Now students came to watch as well as other SMSU students, faculty and family members.
Students who gave poster presentations at the conference will have the opportunity to present in St. Paul. The presentations in St. Paul are held in February and aim to educate legislators on important issues to the Minnesota community.
Each March following SMSU’s Undergraduate Research Conference, Deaver takes a group of students to the Regional Conference. Faculty nominates students from the research conference to go on and present at the regional conference. This year’s regional conference will be held in Rochester.