Senator Al Franken the latest in sexual assault allegations


Leeann Tweedan, morning news anchor on TalkRadio 790 KABC in Los Angeles, recently came forward about being sexually assaulted by Minnesota Senator, Al Franken. In Dec. 2006, Tweedan and Franken were on a USO tour together. Tweedan was expecting only to introduce the acts, but Franken had written a part for Tweedan in one of his skits. Tweedan agreed to perform the part. The part included a kiss between Franken and Tweedan’s characters.
On the day of the show, Franken insisted that they needed to rehearse. It was during this rehearsal that Tweedan claims Franken put his hand on the back of her head, forcibly kissed her and aggressively stuck his tongue in her mouth. Tweedan pushed Franken away and walked away. Aside from preforming the skit, Tweedan avoided any contact with Franken, but claims that Franken resorted to petty insults.
Back in the States, Tweedan went through the photographs taken during the tour. She found one photograph where she was asleep, and Franken is pictured smiling and groping her breasts. At the time, Tweedan was afraid that coming public with the assault would be damaging to her career and only told her husband.
Days after Tweedan came forward, Lindsay Menz came forward with her story about Franken. Menz claims that Franken grabbed her butt while taking a picture at the Minnesota State Fair.