How Student Senate gets paid

There was some confusion from a commentary piece in our last issue about the Student Senate stipends, so The Spur has decided to write a clarification article in addition to a correction article.

According to Article V, Section 1, Subletter C, in the Operating Procedures of Student Association, it says:
“Each Senator will receive a twenty-five dollar ($25) stipend at the completion of the semester in which they held their seat. The allocation of the stipend will be subject to the approval by a majority vote of the Senate at the last regularly scheduled Senate meeting of each semester.”

Student Senate Public Relations Coordinator Doria Drost made corrections regarding payment information during the Feb. 19 Student Senate meeting, stating that the vote a secret ballot.
“It was done in a meeting that is open to all students; similarly with the group funding that was posted, that did notcome out of Senate’s budget, that came out of spontaneous allocation through SAFAC,” said Drost.

Student Senate President Ola Abimbola elaborated further on Student Senate payment information. “At the end of every semester, senate votes on whether to pay senators the $25 or not and how much to the stipulate $275 to pay chairs,” said Abimbola. “Due to the budget shortfall that has affected all SMSU clubs and organizations, Student Senate have responsibly voted not to pay senators over the past two years. Chairs have also been paid less than the $275.”

Vice President Donovan Phoenix released a statement regarding payment being less than the amount stated in the Operating Procedures.

“But for the past several years, or at least since I have been involved, it has been precedent that stipends are $150, despite what our Operating Procedures say. So yes, there was an increase, but not above what is allowed in the Operating Procedures,” said Phoenix.