Mendler: A teacher of teachers

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Education majors and teachers were able to enjoy a visit from teacher of teachers Brian Mendler on Feb. 1. Mendler has made a name for himself for being an inspiration to aspiring teachers, but for what reason has this man deserved this?

Mendler is well-known for being a teacher that dealt with ADHD and a learning disability as a student. He offers a unique perspective when it comes to teaching students with learning disabilities, understanding to their struggles and creating methods to aid their education.

But Mendler doesn’t teach students. He teaches teachers strategies that students who require non-traditional instruction. This would explain why Mendler’s seminars are particularly loved by many teachers.

Danielle Kniep, senior Elementary Education major and president of the Education Minnesota Student Program, stated that she felt Mendler to be a very honest man that is very knowledgeable about his subject and that anyone who wants to go into teaching should really consider going to this event in the future.

Current teachers can also benefit from Mendler’s seminar, according to Kelsey Brust, a fourth and fifth grade Multi-H STEM teacher at Russell Tyler Ruthon Elementary School

Brust stated that Mendler’s use of personal experiences with learning disabilities to create and share teaching methods were very inspiring. She also shared that the seminar was something that every education major should attend at least once.

Mendler educates tens of thousands of teachers each year and is a highly regarded as a dynamic speaker. It’s hard to believe he was a hard student to teach to, but that is what makes his presentations so impactful. He’s able to speak as someone with firsthand experience as a difficult student to instruct.

Mendler has also authored a book titled, Watch Your Mouth, Non-Negotiables for Success with Toughest Kids, which provides strategies for those who are difficult to. He also penned That One Kid and he has co-authored books such as Turning Tough Parents into Strong Partners, Strategies for Successful Classroom Management, Power Struggles 2nd Edition, and the best seller Discipline With Dignity 4th Edition.