Relay for Life 2019

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SMSU will be holding their annual Relay for Life event on March 29 from 6:00pm-11:00pm. The event will be held in the RA Gym.

Relay for Life at SMSU is put on by the Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) Club on campus and is a great place for students, facility, and community members to come together to play games, eat food, and donate to cancer research programs.

CAC Club President Maria Kuntz says that in recent years this event on campus has been able to raise $3,500. “Our goal for this year is to raise $4,000” said Kuntz.

When asked what events will be at Relay for Life this year, Kuntz said that there will be a silent auction, bean bag tournament, games sponsored by various clubs on campus, prizes, a photo booth, and an inflatable obstacle course.

Many clubs on campus, like Newman Club and Criminal Justice Club, will be there hosting games to help Relay for Life earn their goal for fundraising and make the event fun for families and students.

Tickets for games will be available for $1. Other events, like the inflatable obstacle course and bean bag tournament, will be free to guests.

CAC is excited to announce that President Connie Gores will be presenting at the opening ceremony. The guest speaker this year will be Kari Loft. Loft is a Marshall community member, ELL teacher at the Marshall High School, and graduate of SMSU.

In 2016, Loft started a personal goal to run one mile every day for one year and called the challenged ‘Loft a Mile.’ During this challenge she was diagnosed with cancer but continued the challenge through her treatment.

Since ‘Loft a Mile’ started, many people in surrounding communities have joined the movement to run, bike, walk, or swim a mile a day. Loft will be speaking as a cancer survivor.

CAC has been working hard all year to host this event on campus. Vice President Brook Stang is excited for students and community members to attend Relay for Life this year.

“It’s a fun event for everyone. Anyone can win free food coupons to local restaurants and it is a great way to support all of the clubs on campus” said Stang.

Her favorite event is the bean bag tournament. CAC Club is excited to welcome SMSU students, faculty, and community members to this year’s Relay for Life event in March.