Adopt A College Student

Going to college can prove to be a challenging experience, and Marshall’s E-Free Church is addressing the need. In an effort to make students feel more at home in college towns, E-Free Church hosts an ongoing program called Adopt A College Student. 

“We connect college students with local families in town to give them a home away from home,” program coordinator Jacob Hart said. “Families are encouraged to connect with students once or twice a month, and to come to our big group activities twice a semester.”

 At their last get-together, traditional fall activities like hayrides, bobbing for apples, and make your own caramel apple were held. There was also a barbecue, beanbags, and a game of ultimate frisbee for students and families to enjoy and partake in. 

Hart stressed the importance of encouraging students to have a chance at being part of a family away from home. “We encourage families to just invite students to things they normally already do as family,” Hart said. “. . . like have supper together, play games, watch their kid’s basketball game, or do holiday things.”

If you are interested and want to know more about getting plugged into a local family or simply general information, contact Hart at [email protected]