Going green: SMSU greenhouse plant sale success

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These benefits likely sound appealing to many of the hard-working students at Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU). Perhaps this is why so many students chose to take advantage of the greenhouse sale that was held on Thursday, October 10th.

A wide variety of gorgeous plants were brought from the greenhouse to the link between Bellows Academic and Charter Hall. Among those lovely plants were African violets, paddle leaf plants, monkey plants, spider plants, donkey tails, and jade plants. “We sell things that people are visually attracted to,” said senior sociology and psychology major Ryleigh Haynes. Haynes, who works in the greenhouse, helped run the sale. Miriam Krause, a sophomore elementary education major, added that they like to sell plants such as succulents that don’t require a lot of attention. Krause also works in the greenhouse and helped run the sale.

Plants were very reasonably priced at this sale and seemed to be charged on a scale relating to their height. Emma Snyder, a freshman majoring in secondary English education, was able to take advantage of the sale and purchase four healthy plants. Snyder picked plants because “I liked how unique they were and they were succulents, my favorite kind of plant.”

Snyder’s love for plants began when she took a job at a greenhouse and learned to properly care for plants. She joked that she likes to buy plants because they are easier to care for than a pet. When asked if she had any advice for her fellow college students regarding plants, Snyder said, “I would recommend succulents over any other plants for college students because they only need to be watered once a week so it’s easy to care for them.”