Spotlight Candidate of the Week: Elizabeth Warren

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Since the last posting of our Spotlight Article feature, 13 Democrats and one Republican have dropped out in total. This includes Wayne Messam, the Mayor of Miaramar, Florida, and California Senator Kamala Harris with her primary reason being a lack of financial support. As it currently stands, there are 15 Democrats in the race, and three Republicans.To see who they are, check out the New York Times article linked at the bottom of this article.

Growing up in Oklahoma, this week’s candidate, Elizabeth Warren, had a tough childhood. Her father suffered a heart attack which put him out of work, causing Elizabeth’s mother to seek out a minimum wage job to support their family. Warren’s family didn’t have the money to put her through college. She earned a debate scholarship for college, dropped out to marry her high school sweetheart, and then enrolled at a commuter college in Texas. After giving birth to two children, Warren enrolled in law school and has since achieved significant career success as a professor at Harvard University as one of the nation’s top experts on the financial pressures facing middle class families.

Warren takes a different approach to showing her stance on issues when compared to other candidates. She lays her issues out as “What Elizabeth will do.” So, what will Elizabeth do? Some of her top priorities are listed to the side.

Elizabeth Warren is gaining national traction among Democratic voters, and raises money effectively. Senator Warren is in second place for weekly news coverage as well as second place with individual contributions, according to the New York Times. 

For further information, check out Senator Warren’s social media pages and her official campaign website.

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