SMSU Student Senate Receives a Concerning Report

Olivia Chester, Staff Writer

The SMSU Soccer Club faculty advisor, Jose Losada-Montero, brought concerns regarding vandalism and theft of the club’s equipment to the Student Government Association during their Jan. 23 meeting. Montero told senators that four ten-foot steel goal poles went missing mid-January. Two were taken from the hall outside the PE Gym, and the other two were stored in the equipment storage closet. Montero explained that without the goals, “. . . it’s really difficult for us to practice our culture.”

This is not the first time that the Soccer Club has been hindered form practicing. In the past, their goalposts have been locked together, preventing them from being moved. Mr. Losada-Montero appealed to the student government because of their ability to enact. “You [students] have much more power than I have,” he said. “I say something, it takes months. But you say something, and the next day it is fixed.”

The Senate advised that Losada-Montero file for a spontaneous request to hopefully receive funds to replace the goals, which are worth about $900 dollars total. Currently, the Soccer Club is sharing equipment and gym space with the Women’s Soccer Team.

Additional items of business that were discussed included the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Scott Crowell,  suggesting that Provost Wallace, Dean Onyeaghala, and Dean Shouse visit the Senate meetings This comes during a time where the Senate will be determining the tuition, fees, and budget for the upcoming Fall semester.

University librarian and faculty liaison for Student Senate, Pam Gladis, announced a new program that the SMSU Library will implement during the Spring semester. The Center for Online Learning and Teaching will assist faculty in the implementation of online courses into their classes. The center will be located on the 5th floor of the McFarland Library.

Senate meetings are held in PE 214 at 6:30 on Thursdays. The Student Government office can be found in SC 231.