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Miss America 2.0 or 2.No?

Desiree Bauer, Commentary Editor

September 21, 2018

The finale of Miss America 2.0 aired on Sept. 9, leading to the crowning of Miss America 2019. Although the crowning may be what most people come to watch, it can easily be argued that some of the most notable moments of Miss America this year were before we even got to the top five. Gretchen Carlson, he...

“The new america”

Wyatt Albers, Staff Writer

September 21, 2018

In New America, The people believe in a divided singularity, a conflict that severs the soul, turns man to savage, Society drenched in the oil of bigotry and ignorance set ablaze IN NEW AMERICA, Toxic masculinity floods the streets with tar darker than humanity’s own heart The voices of the opp...

SMSU’s new art professor

Sabrina Pankratz, Staff Writer

September 21, 2018

Anne Wedler is the newest fine arts professor on campus. What brought Wedler to SMSU was our student-professor relationships, the programs offered here, and her belief that Minnesota has a great schooling system. Wedler comes to SMSU from St. Louis sepcifcially, but has studied in multiple locatio...

Emily Daniels meets her Idol

Kelly Regan, Sports Editor

September 21, 2018

Emily Daniels, a distance runner at SMSU and a long-time Swiftie, met her idol Taylor Swift at the Minneapolis, MN concert. Daniels, a sophomore here at SMSU, has been a Taylor Swift fan for 13 years and has attended a total of 7 Taylor Swift concerts. Daniels attended the Minneapolis concert with he...

SMSU controls weather and tries to delay graduation

Kaleigh Farrelly, Staff Writer

April 26, 2018

Several months back, The Kale introduced the SMSU community to the Toddler to Adult Center for New Graduates—or T.A.C.N.G. for short. Recent research shows that, along with the change to the title of the facility, SMSU has updated some if its policies regarding this new resource. For those who are no...

Student success at the National College Media Convention

Desiree Bauer, Commentary Editor

March 27, 2018

The simple act of getting to New York City was a hassle. The Spur found out about the conference in the fall, and had hopes of attending, but slowly we realized that we didn’t have the funds to make that happen. Thankfully, our advisor Ruthe Thompson, did some work and applied for a grant. We were ...

Why everyone should see Black Panther

Trevor Groebner, Staff Writer

March 2, 2018

Black Panther is one of the hottest movies out right now, no doubt because Marvel movies are so popular, but also because of what it does for the culture. This is the first superhero movie we have where the hero is black. It also does a great job of recognizing the strength of women. Here’s just a shor...

Presidential Parade

Kaleigh Farrelly, Staff Writer

March 2, 2018

Recently, news got out that President Trump wanted to host a military parade to showcase the prowess of the United States. The idea came when President Trump watched a Bastille Day parade in France. From there, talks have reportedly explored ideas but none have come to fruition—until now. Parades ...

A recommendation to take advantage of campus events

Cassandra Lee, Guest Writer

March 2, 2018

When was the last time you attended a campus event? Why did you attend? Did you learn or find anything interesting? I ask these questions because there are many great opportunities within the campus that you should take advantage of more. Events such as a keynote speaker coming to share their story are...

Observations about Hawaiian Night from a Super Senior

Cole Angelo, Staff Writer

February 12, 2018

The close of Hawaiian Night is signaled as the hangovers start to fade, and we gradually start going back to our negative degree-weather-selves. Perhaps one of the biggest party nights of the school year, Hawaiian Night allows us students a chance to kick back, have a drink, and pretend we are somewh...

Students aren’t drinking alcohol at Hawaiian Night

Kaleigh Farrelly, Staff Writer

February 12, 2018

Feb. 3 saw Hawaiian Night arrive at SMSU once again. The traditional night showcased men’s and women’s basketball games. Students typically attend games dressed in Hawaiian or tropical attire. It’s also a tradition that many students drink on the day to have a better time at the games. To most peop...

Initial reaction to S.o.t.U. Address

Caleb Herrlich, Editor-in-Chief

February 12, 2018

On Jan. 30, 2018, President Donald J. Trump gave his first State of the Union Address on Capitol Hill. He addressed all of Congress, the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, but pleaded without groveling. Recently the U.S. Government experienced a shutdown and blame has been loudly direc...

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