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SMSU Faculty Statement- Refugee Resettlement

SMSU Faculty and Staff and Lacey Barke February 6, 2020

Below is an SMSU faculty statement regarding their collective opinion and stance on the issue of Lyon Country refugee resettlement. The below letter was also published as a letter to the editor in the...

Refugee Resettlement: Student Body President, Muna Mohamed

Muna Mohamed and Lacey Barke February 6, 2020

The following is one piece of an ongoing series covering the Lyon County Refugee Resettlement dialogue. It is a speech written by SMSU Student Body President, Muna Mohamed, during a campus-wide informative...

The sky’s the limit– or not. It depends on the time of Year

Senior Track and Field Athlete Meghan Sullivan writes about the difference between indoor and outdoor track and field seasons.
Meghan Sullivan, Staff Writer December 6, 2019

Fall sports season ends as the start of a steady transition to indoor events ensues. Even though track season is split into two halves, it meshes into one long season for most of the Mustang athletes....

Stream or Skip: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind by Logic

Stream or Skip: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind by Logic

Collin Drey, Staff Writer November 19, 2019

Maryland rapper Logic has come through with another album hardly two months after his last release of Supermarket. Logic is an artist I haven't given much thought to, despite enjoying his Bobby Tarantino tapes...

President Donald Trump in Minneapolis: An Interns Point of View

President Donald Trump in Minneapolis: An Interns Point of View

Cory Becker, Staff Writer October 17, 2019

I was standing two rows away from one of the most powerful men in the world. Recently, I was offered a role for an internship on the Trump Victory Team in rural Minnesota. With that, I was able...

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Hypnosis, obedience, and Entertainment

Andrew James Gully, Staff Writer October 14, 2019

Depending on one’s viewpoint, the idea of being hypnotized can be tantalizing or terrifying. Hypnotist Freddie Justice visited campus and gave a performance last week on Oct. 11. As I sat in his audience,...

Svaha Apparel: Empowering children to embrace their Passions

Maureen Ndubuisi, Staff Writer October 7, 2019

Sophisticated, simple, and chic, Svaha apparel specializes in unique clothing for young girls with the option to wear fun STEM-themed shirts, shirts with female competitors, firemen, researchers, and other...

In Response to

In Response to “In Defense of Meat, Dairy, and American Agriculture”

Olivia Chester, Staff Writer October 7, 2019

Thank you to Isabella Erickson for responding to “The Things I Boycott,” and bringing up some good points. “The Things I Boycott” was simply to bring awareness to some commonly recognized issues...

Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

Gotta see It

Matthew Stude, Staff Writer October 7, 2019

As a longtime fan of horror movies who used to watch one every other night with my brother, I whole-heartedly enjoyed seeing It Chapter Two. I delved into the representation of the shapeshifting demon...

In Defense of Meat, Dairy, and American Agriculture

In Defense of Meat, Dairy, and American Agriculture

Isabella Erickson, Staff Writer September 30, 2019

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece. It is not meant to attack vegetarianism or the animal welfare movement, but it is critical of some arguments found within those movements. Last week, an article...

Photo courtesy of Eric Nopanen

Collin Drey, Staff Writer September 23, 2019

Young Thug has been one of the most prominent rap artists of the latter half of this decade. Not only due to how much content he has released, but due to his very unique style. With Young Thug, the...

The Products I Boycott

The Products I Boycott

Olivia Chester, Staff Writer September 23, 2019

Disclaimer: This is merely an article to alert the audience and bring awareness to a few of the common place items and brands that I find unethical and do not promote the use of. I understand that not...

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