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Skinny. Fat. Black and white. When it comes to today’s society there are no shades of gray. America has become a place where time is money and every result must come in a timely fashion. Waiting is no longer an option. It is this reason why diet trends are on the rise. “People don’t buy themselves a gym membership anymore,” said Regina Hayes, a certified trainer. “They don’t have the time or the energy so they shoot up with five hour energy and grab the nearest greasy cheeseburger. Sometimes people don’t eat anything at all but most turn to newest and quickest way to lose weight—a diet trend.”

Diet trends vary, much like the fashion industry. As Heidi Klum would say, “one day you’re in, the next you’re out. The diet trends that are making a comeback this year include the following: The HCG diet, Paleo diet, Dukan diet, Gluten-Free diet, and the Juice Detox diet. “None of which are healthy or wise choices,” Hayes said.

The HCG diet involves a strict calorie intake. A person (no matter the age, race, or gender) is only to consume 500 to 600 calories while receiving a shot every day. The shot contains HCG. According to Leta Shy, an assistant editor to one of the top fitness magazines, “the claim is that the HCG hormone, which occurs in pregnant women naturally and helps them burn fat to use to feed their babies, helps convert body fat to energy so you get all the adequate calories you need every day without feeling hungry.”

However, the brain alone needs to consume at least 600 calories. People who buy into this trend are practically starving themselves. “People do lose weight, just like any starving person would,” said Hayes. “Most quick fix diets are unhealthy because they are so restrictive and are essentially starving one’s body.”

The other diets focus on constricting or eliminated certain food groups. The Paleo diet erases diary and grain, the Dukan diet only allows different meats and oat bran to be consumed, the Juice Detox eliminates every food group and the person must live on juice alone, and the Gluten-Free diet is as it states. “They’re all unhealthy. The only way to lose weight effectively and in a healthy manner is to exercise and be conscious of what you are putting into your body. Drink water instead of soda, eat more fruits and vegetables. Simple changes to your routine can make a big difference, it just takes a little longer,” says Hayes.

Perhaps there is a little more to weight loss than simply black and white.

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