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Here are some more tips from  These ones are for some cheap and fun food ideas!

1. Cauliflower dipped in BBQ sauce tastes almost the same as chicken nuggets, and it’s infinitely healthier.

2. Eating chocolate while studying for math can improve your math skills.

3. Open your bag of chips at the bottom: most of the flavor has probably sunk there.

4. When making mixed drinks, use a lollipop to stir, it’ll add a little extra flavor.

5. Eat an orange before you work out.  Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it’ll help prevent your muscles from getting sore.

6. Almost done with your jar of Nutella? End it by plopping a scoop of ice cream in!

7. Put a slice of bread in a container of stale or hard cookies, it will make them soft again.

8. Popcorn pops better when stored in cold places like the refrigerator.

9. At a restaurant, you’ll never go wrong ordering the Chef’s favorite dish.

10. To make an orange peel easier, gently roll it against the table first.

11. Eating your food slowly will help you lose weight, enjoy your food, reduce stress, and help with digestion.

12. Never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry.  You’ll ending up buying all sorts of things you don’t really need.

13. Drink lots of apple juice before bed. A chemical compound in the juice will make you have vivid awesome dreams!

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Snack Hacks